Friday, 14 November 2014

The Winds of Change

It’s so nice to not be in such a frantic state, I was intensely focused on the album for five solid months and now, although I still have work to do, it is not so much and not so stress filled. I feel like I have turned a corner and things are slowly coming back to normal. In that five months I wrote a lot of the songs, recorded them, got them mastered, designed the single sleeve, designed the album sleeve with a bit of help from Lyn Nimtz in Brazil, sorted out digital and physical distribution, designed and created a new website, created a record company, come up with the Cruel Binary name and then designed a logo for it. Then there was sending our review copies, arranging publicity, and Social Media. This blog too of-course and dealing with real life completes this busy picture.

During those five months, I have had more things go wrong in the creation of one album than I have never known; I have had a death in the family and organising a 60th birthday party all to deal with, all to stay on top of.

It was all too much.

The ‘new’ release date for kuJenga Society is 24th Nov by which time I hope only to be dealing with posting out orders and tweeking and revamping the Newtown Neurotics website.

The Winds of Change (Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks)

This was written about how the radicalism of the sixties had dissipated into the middle age spread of jadedness and pessimism of the left, leaving the field wide open for the right.
Of-course political movements must renew themselves from the ground up, with younger people getting involved to challenge the status quo but the disillusionment of older former activists is not a very edifying sight and not setting an example to inspire the next generation. 
I am saying in this song, carry on the fight, you may have to do it differently, as the world is always changing, but carry on and get active again, if not nationally then locally, but encourage and inspire others with youth and vigour on their side to take up the cause and continue.

Keep the Faith!

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