Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Keep The Faith and get up and fight

At long last, I finally have my consignment of both my Christmas single “It’s Christmas Time! (Oh yeah, NaNaNa)” and my album kuJenga Society, only six days late.
Now I have to open shop and start selling them, not to mention sending out review copies and trying to get some publicity generally.
There will be a YouTube video going up very soon too.
After the relaxing time of the launch/sixtieth birthday bash I am now working flat out again, as today I must finish my website and remember to eat at some point. My PC is wearing out and my hard drives are busting at the seams.

Keep The Faith

This song was a designed to lift the listener and refresh their will to carry on the fight. It is saying it is always better to fight together than to fight alone and music has always played an important part in stirring the imagination and reinforcing the convictions that, through weariness, sometimes we can lose track of. 

It can be a bleak world but the future is there to be seized, and it should be done so for the good of all. If we do not shape our future someone will do it for us. 
The song was originally written with the fight against Apartheid as the backdrop and the collapse of that ideology was a definite win for us all. Remember that!

Today, there are other challenges, particularly as democracy is in threat and could end up as just a word used as a fig leaf by capital and corporations as they control our lives.
Check out this George Monbiot article (link here) to see how close we are to losing everything, it is truly unbelievable and proves that some of our nightmares unfold during the day.
Get up and fight, and before you do, listen to ‘Keep The Faith’ for a bit of encouragement.

Now there’s a plan.

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