Friday, 10 June 2016

Brexit is the biggest act of economic suicide in the history of commerce

Brexit is the biggest act of economic suicide in the history of commerce, with the latest news that Germany’s finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble has said that we would not have access to the single market if we were to leave the EU (that sounds like common sense doesn't it? If you leave something you don't have access to it!) where are we to trade? Even the couple of counties that do have access to the single market whilst not in the EU have to agree to the free movement of travel for people wishing to work there, and many other EU rules that Brexit says it wants to do away with.

Brexit has no economic plan, it has no idea and on this basis, the British People are being asked to trust the likes of Boris Johnson and Micheal Gove, that everything will be alright.
No electorate would vote a party into government on the basis of such a flimsy (ie no) economic plan. At the time of the election, I don't remember a great clamour from the public for a referendum on Europe, that came from a small clutch of hard right Tory MP's. I seem to remember that the election was clinched on the current governments economic plan, as awful as it was. If that is so, then if Brexit was to happen, how could this Tory government have a mandate to rule?

If Brexit wins it will be based on a xenophobic mistrust that would be a waste of time because this is a world were people move to work. Raising borders around our Island would be like demanding the sea not lap on our shores. It is not refugees or Europe who have devastated the NHS, it is not refugees or Europe who have created our housing crisis, it is not refugees or Europe, who have destroyed Local Government, it is not refugees or Europe, who starve disabled people and drive them to suicide, I could go on and on but I won't, you know what I am saying, it is this...

The enemy is in our midst, it is the current Tories, and successive governments before them fed by a culture nurtured by Rupert Murdoch to see only the worst in people and undermining the belief in co-operation and solidarity. On 4 January 1981 in a secret meeting with Margret Thatcher, she allowed him to own 40% of British Newspapers and since then we have not been able to have an free and balanced political debate in this country. So it finally comes to this, call this a debate? This country is planned to be remade, but not for the likes of you and me. Under the gise of Brexit, their encouragement of the suspension of disbelief, of the idea of the wings of freedom from Europe, lies just below the feathers, the chains that will bind us all, at the feet of the powerful.