Monday, 10 November 2014

Pop industry carrion and meat for the grinder

My single “It’s Christmas Time! (Oh yeah, NaNaNa) is an attempt to offer a new song about Christmas that people will enjoy, and hopefully identify with, but I must say that the majority of what is supposed to be Christmas records is always just damn depressing.

This year is no exception, the ‘TV buy in’ releases of Children in Need or the Band Aid 30th anniversary is not what I consider as Christmas records, these are charity projects that latch on to Christmas to maximise profits for their respective campaigns. As worthy as they may be, the music is just tired no matter how much they dress it up.
The worst thing though, is the age of the songs, they were big in the day but now here comes the ‘pop industry carrion’ pecking and tearing at the leftover meat of a feast long ago consumed, whilst still insisting on all the trimmings. God only knows but do you know it’s Christmas time at all?  Yeah, will they let us forget it? 
My song is about redemption, it’s about turning your life around, it is good for any time of year but it makes just that little bit more sense within the season it describes.

Chance of a new Christmas song getting some attention?

Don’t hold your breath! I am facing Goliath without a single stone in reach.

You Must Be Mad (From ‘Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks’)

This song is about young people, experiencing subsistence level wages or worse, as in long term or under unemployment, find joining the armed forces to earn money and to travel and see the world, an exciting and promising thing to do. The catch is, your life is the deposit in this bank of human resources and like all deposits, it can quite easily be lost.

The worst thing of all is how the human race cannot help getting involved in major acts of barbarity and that there is always a large pool of impoverished people that will willingly be meat for the military grinder.

‘You Must Be Mad’ is as fitting for the beginning of the First World War, the Second World and then on to Afganistan, Iraq etc etc etc. but these lyrics referred to the utterly pointless and costly Falkland War.

Things are worse now, more so than at any other time, western forces have become an extension of global business, no longer around to protect the nation, but around to protect the profits of the mega corporations and the military industrial machine.
Worse of all, young men and women lose their lives on orders to rob other people of their resources.

People often say how relevant the Neurotics lyrics are all these years later.

It’ll be a cold day in hell when these ones aren’t

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