Monday, 3 November 2014

My big party!

I had a fantastic 60th party/Jenga Society launch, on Saturday night, it was perfect, I couldn't have wished anything more from it and it was good for me to be able to relax. I don’t think I have relaxed for three months solid and my trials and tribulations went on right up to the sound check for the gig. Earlier, I was on the phone, enraged and despairing as I was told that the CD’s of my new album, that were meant to be delivered on Thursday still hadn't arrived and were presumably lost somewhere in Poland.

They weren't going to make it, I was not going to have them for the launch night of the album. The CD manufacturers scrabbled around to soften the blow by duplicating 90 labelled copies in clear plastic pouches, which helped on the night but are hardly the same thing.
So some people are now enjoying the album even though I have not received the real things yet.

I was so wound up and angry, that I thought it had permanently ruined my mood for the evening, Luckily, that wasn't the case and I had an absolute ball.

Especially because Paul Howard and Sod’s frontman Kevin Jones, did a fantastic version of Mindless Violence. I was very proud to hear Kevin, from the very band that inspired me to form the Neurotics, singing one of the songs we first started out with.
After that Howard and Clack did the most awe inspiring version of ‘No Respect’, I will repeat what I wrote on Facebook because I cannot sum it up better re-writing it.

 Then Paul did a version of No Respect and it was so beautiful that it made me cry, I could not believe that I had written that song, he made it something else, and i have no words to adequately describe what it did to me. To hear myself reflected back from a great artist like Paul was like being given the most priceless birthday present ever, a glittering jewel of a moment. Thanks Paul and thanks for great performances from Murray Attila, ‘Sumishta and Keith’ aka 13 Frightened Girls and everyone else who shared last night with me, I love you all.

So… while I wait for long awaited delivery of my album, ho hum, I now have to get on with designing a new website for me and the release, so that I can get it ready to go live once I have the physical discs.

On we go!

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