Tuesday, 4 November 2014

An Inch away from kuJenga Society

2 days 14 hours 0 mins is how late the delivery of my Jenga Society album is.

Still waiting, do they actually exist?

I continue to work on the new website so there is still plenty to do in the meantime (great word that, very appropriate for me at the moment, meantime hmmm, apart from Saturday night of course!).
Just dying to get the website launched, upload the video to YouTube and get the thing on sale.

Inch Away

This song is very current now because although the Neurotics originally did it on the ‘Is Your Bathroom Breeding Bolsheviks’ album, I have recorded an acoustic version which can be found on the long lost' kuJenga Society' solo album that I am supposed to have possession of at this moment.

The new album has a couple of Neurotic songs on there, because they adapted well to an acoustic arrangement and I felt that they didn't get a fair shout on the original album.
The song is quite grim though as it deals with domestic violence but I believe that the melody has a quality that lifts it away from despair, because the woman and children whose lives we are following are on the cusp of changing their lives for the better. 

Follow this link to Inch Away played live for the first time acoustically

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