Thursday, 26 February 2015

What will you be wearing leading up to the General Election in May?

If you feel inclined to let everyone know what you think of the Tories and that you like Newtown Neurotics, now would be a good time to invest in a Kick Out The Tories T-Shirt, not just because we are hurtling towards a General Election but also because, apart from Large we now have a few more Small and Mediums available and with every T-Shirt you get a signed Walkerprint photo of me, Steve Drewett with whatever inscription you desire. I could even forge the signatures of the other members of the Neurotics if you like as they are not always around to put pen to paper.
Check it out on the website below.

Even more info on stuff at

In the meantime, here's a clip from the Neurotics live at the 100 Club on the 7th Feb to get you in the mood for throwing out of power, a leader of an evil cult called 'The Tories' and it will also help you contemplate the wise choice of a purchase of a T- Shirt you could vote in.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Solo and Band?

Just as I was all set to work on a solo career, original drummer Simon Lomond expressed an interest in rejoining a reactivated Newtown Neurotics and then some interesting gigs were offered to us so we are now back in action with Adam Smith from the previous line up on bass.

One of the interesting gigs that was offered to us was an appearance at the legendary 100 Club in Oxford Street this Friday February 6th. This being offered so early on in the year, so soon after the festive inactivity that we felt that there was no possibility to play any gigs beforehand and not a lot of available time much rehearsing so, as weird as it seemed, we viewed this prestigious gig as a warm up for the new line up preparing us for gigs to come. 

We also have a gig the following day at the Ropetackle Arts Centre in Shoreham near Brighton and we felt that we will be better as a working unit on that day having had a trial run the night before.

However, then the pressure began to build. Firstly a couple of our fans from Liverpool said that they had booked time off work, booked tickets for the train down to London and book accommodation for the night in London. 

With that in mind I felt that we had to be good.

Then because of the legendary status of the venue, all sorts of people decided to brave the cold weather and come along, this gig was beginning to build into an important one for us.

Then to top it all off, I get an email from BBC Radio 6Music DJ and presenter Steve Lamacq saying that he was coming to see us at the gig and had already bought tickets (music industry people buying tickets, how often does that happen?).

Now we are shitting it, as Steve hasn't seen us for years and we have been longing for him to see us these past ten years or so, and now he is coming, he will witness the first gig this line up has ever done!

But it is what it is and there is no time for extra rehearsals so we just have to take up the challenge as it has been given us and just do our best. It is often when things like this happen that you rise to the occasion.

I just hope we do,

I'll let you know,

By the way if you are able to come to either of these gigs to witness what happens ,below are some links with some further details.

100 Club gig Friday 6th February

Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham by Sea, nr Brighton Sat 7th February