Thursday, 6 November 2014

It's Christmas Time! Well not quite but it won't be long! Yikes!

Well, I spent all day yesterday, from 8am to 8pm exclusively sitting at my PC putting the finishing touches to my new website, which on top of everything else I have done in a week. Strange experience selling myself but I am now long in the tooth, and as a previously (and still very much) shy person, I have put that aside to be shameless for once in my life, please allow me that indulgence and forgive.

The new website can be found at (if you have visited this address before you will need to refresh the page to see the new site) and pulls all the strings together of my creativity over the years. The website as it stands now is the first draft, and I intend to develop it in the future adding more content and more music available to buy of both the Neurotics and Indestructible Beat.

On the site you are able to buy downloads of the Jenga Society album which contains the new single of mine ‘It’s Christmas Time! (Oh, yeah, NaNaNa)’ too, and if the single is the only thing you like or want, then that can be downloaded separately.

Also on the site is the YouTube video to go with It’s Christmas Time! (Oh, yeah, NaNaNa)’

This single is an attempt to talk about the stress that austerity has on relationships and how, if you ignore the religious and commercialisation of Christmas, it still an important time to take stock of your life and forgive and make up. The song has to do this and still be uplifting and catchy. Not an easy job but take a look at it below and see if you think I have achieved it or not.

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