Wednesday, 29 October 2014

These are birthday times!

2 days 20 hours 38 mins to go...

I am 60 today, I can’t believe I am here, I am very grateful to be, I have a lot to be grateful for. I am taking time out from planning the kuJenga Society release today, to go and do something, I don’t know what but I have to make a decision very quickly before the day grows old.

I am having a big do on Saturday so today has been left to be somewhat random.

Fighting Times.

Staring Thatcherism in the face is an ugly thing to behold; to confront Thatcherism took a strong stomach and a lot of energy. But if you took enough time to examine her political philosophy, the future became clear and it was terrifying. One of the biggest things was the loosening of the regulations regarding media ownership. 30 years ago, Margaret Thatcher's government allowed Mr Murdoch's company to take over The Times and Sunday Times without referring it to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission (MMC), even though he already owned the Sun and the News of the World. 
We then became a nation unable to see it’s self as a collection of communities but with the prism of Murdoch’s world view, we came to see ourselves as a collection of self-interested, self-centred individuals.
If you see yourself shed in that light long enough, you will begin to believe it.
Language is what we use to make the world, but who hold the reins to delivery of language and ideas through the media, how did they get it, who’s purpose does it really satisfy and are they accountable?

'Fighting Times 'was a rallying cry which described what we would lose if we did not stand up and be counted. Not enough people did stand up to be counted and so we came to loose so much that had been fought for over the years.
But it is never too late to fight back!

The quote below from ‘Fighting Times’ was written about the apartheid regime but is still relevant, I think, as a truism for what we are experiencing today. 

“cos, it’s greed that creates the scum that rules a land, and imprisons it’s people as slaves” 

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