Thursday, 16 October 2014

I'm wasted, just look at the mess I am in!

I feel tired, so tired, like I have been swimming upstream for months on end, but happy because I didn't drown.

The artwork for the single and album is done, and handed over to the CD manufacturers. The album designs came burning down the WeTransfer wire from Brazil, in a zip file that was so on fire it refused to open at all, and gave me a few heart stopping moments whilst reading error messages. 
I had to download it afresh and try again. The second time, it opened. I extracted the files and there was my face branded into the wood of three Jenga blocks and I sat there looking at it imagining, I could smell burnt cellulose.
There is a bit of configuration that is to be done today to make the audio files ready for duplication and then they will be sent over to be manufactured.

Could I really be at the end of my journey? It seems hard to believe. How long has it been since I released some new recordings, oh man, I haven’t the strength to recall.

15 Days 21 hours 41 mins to go…

The Mess

I love playing this live, and people love hearing it. The lyrics detail the sinking aspirations of a young person that the educational system does not care about, has not encouraged and has not tried to save. This song is a catalogue of disappointment and frustration, where there is no joy in ether school, work or social life. It is about struggling with being a teenager as life feels like a boot pressing your head and face into the dirt. Here is the hopelessness that drugs appear to help alleviate, but when you are smashed, you never get to see yourself though the eyes of other people. If you did, you wouldn’t recognise this person, because you are lost to yourself.

Spin the downward spiral here…

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