Friday, 17 October 2014

Get Up and Fight!

14 days, 20 hours and 34 mins to go…

At last, at times I thought I’d never get here but, audio data, artwork designs and documentation are all over at the CD manufacturers, we’ve not signed off the artwork yet, nor have they taken my money either. Just hoping there is no last minute hitches here. Once those milestones have been passed, then it is the wait for the album and single to be manufactured. At the moment we have a workable timeframe that can result in the release date (counting down above) being met.

All that is left for me to do during that waiting period is to design a website, purchase a download service to deliver mp3’s to Amazon, Google Play, ITunes and Spotify, became a seller via Amazon, write two or more press releases, drawn up a PR list for who to send review copies to and get ready for my impending 60th birthday. 

Shouldn’t have a pipe and slippers and taking life easy?

Get Up And Fight.

As the sweat rolled off of us in the Hoxton Oven, we battled to capture our fury into vinyl, our audio amber, to carry our message down through the years from the now to future generations.
People get the government they deserve, and if they do not engage then they will get little or no representation. The amount of people that actually vote now is dropping year by year. But out of all the age groups it is the older section of the population that vote and they get listened to, the younger generation do not vote for the most part and they get ignored, punished, pushed into benefit (less) hell and treated like the dregs of society.

I don't want sound like some hoary old Sham 69 number here, but young people have the potential to scare the living daylights out of the establishment and they would do if they started to represent themselves more. 

There was a good reason to be radical when you are young, because you need to shape the world that you will live in for the rest of your lives, otherwise you will live in a world shaped by somebody else and they will not be sympathetic to your needs. 
We all need to engage, we need to reinvent and re-invigorate the political process and shape the country the way we need it to be.

First up, resist the move to media plurality; we need a free press, free of multi-billionaire owners so that we can create an environment where ideas can be discussed without distortion and lies to suit the wealthy elite.

Get Up and Fight, is call to shake off apathy and disillusionment and to bathe in the ideas of the possible. Because everything is, inevitably, if you disagree with that, then you are already dead. 

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