Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Excuse me sir, this is a courtesy call, If you could replace any of your windows in your home, which ones would you choose. Eh, Windows 8, I can't get on with it!

3 days 21 hours and 0 min

I feel much better today. There is no doubt that I have been over-doing it, but I had a health check yesterday and the results were A1 on everything, which was a great relief as I felt exhausted and flat at the time of it taking place.
I have had a good night’s sleep and feel somewhat revived ,although I do think I have a bit of a chest infection. Never mind, I still have so much to do.
The good news is, I have implemented the download service for both the single and the album but it appears to take a fair while for the songs to show online so I do not know if anything will be available to be bought on Nov 1st. We shall see.
Once they are available, I will need to put the connection into my website so that you can easily click through to make a purchase. Once that is in place, it will be the first time that I will be able to sell my music without someone else taking a cut.


This is a song about the religion industry. It has always been a bizarre concept to me that spiritualism could be packaged up and sold; it’s like fighting for peace.
However the way that religion is often sold, not only undermines the message but is damn ugly.

I will not buy goods or services of any kind from cold callers knocking on my door. The idea of getting you to purchase or agree to something on your doorstep is a pressure tactic and it preys on the old and vulnerable. 

When I answer the door to someone who asks me if I have seen the light, I am incensed. Can you imagine what it would be like if every company or organisation that had something to sell, came knocking on your door? You would never get any peace. I just say, “Did I ask you to engage me on this?” “No, I know where your church is, if I want enlightenment I will come to you!” Door stop selling is so old fashion and so not the way to do things these days but it still happens. 

Much as I love the Beatles and George Harrisons part in their music, his involvement in the Rada Krishna Temple, although culturally interesting, meant for a while we were stopped in the street, given the hard sell by these colourful salesmen of Eastern philosophy.  

Of-course what they used to do was a complete con. They would have some albums with them which were recorded by a bunch of no-bodies and then in the sleeve design, they would put a bunch of rock star names making it look they were playing on the album, George Harrison, Carlos Santana etc. These were people who were in some way interested in eastern religion and were listed to imply they were playing on the record.

Their tactic was to hand a copy of this album over to you, saying that it was free and had these big rock stars on it, but they didn't let go of it. Once you held it in your hand, you had committed to accepting a free album and the next thought that goes though your head was, oh well, it’s free, I’ll accept it, I've got nothing to lose. But they haven’t let go of it! 

Before they do, they then say, could you make a donation. Now you've committed to taking the album but are concerned about what sort of donation would be acceptable for it. They soon help you with that and then you walk away having bought an album of unmitigated rubbish. This happens in the street, a cold calling away from the home. 

Fortunately, I can tell you I never succumbed to this con, but I have often come across this album in the collections of my friends.

I rib them rotten over it!  

Footnote: In cities we have played with big Red light districts like Amsterdam and Hamburg, I have been known to announce this song thus... Ladies and Gentlemen, the Neurotics are now about to perform Sects live on stage. That always broke the ice.

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