Saturday, 18 October 2014

No Respect

13 days 18 hrs 23 mins to go…

No Respect

No Respect is a no nonsense song which quickly makes its point and then ends. One of my shorter tunes, but is still very popular with our audiences.
I just treat people the same, I see absolute no reason on earth why I should change my attitude to someone due to their gender, sexual orientation, disability or anything.
‘Treat everyone like you would want to be treated yourself’ my mum used to say, and adopting that simple approach will give you empathy with everybody. So many people cannot even achieve this level of self-awareness it sometimes shocks me.
This is all based on mutual respect, obviously you are not likely to act in the same way if someone refuses to empathise or respect you.  

Finally, we do not enrich ourselves by having second class citizens of any type, it only serves the few and ultimately works against all our own best interests.

Take a listen...

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