Friday, 31 October 2014

Someone's hanging on my telephone, call the Bored Policemen!

1 day 6 hours 57 mins to go…

Bit pissed off today, as I lost my phone on my birthday. It got pulled out of my pocket when it snagged on the sleeve of my coat, and hit the ground just as I pulled open the door of a taxi, the sound of it hitting the concrete was covered up by the sound of the taxi door opening. Someone later found it and the phone now resides with them in Sawbridgeworth, findmyphone tells me. Hmmmmph.

Update on my Jenga Society CD consignment… apparently, it’s stuck somewhere in Poland? Typical, they come over here, without my CD’s and go back again.

Talking of which, after I lost my phone and got into the taxi, a few minutes later the driver was cut up by a Mercedes, and he then turned to me and said “It’s probably a bunch of Romanians who have made a fortune but are still on benefits and claim they’re poverty stricken.  
In my head…”Aaaaahhhhhh, get me out of this seething mass of ignorance, it’s my birthday, I don’t want to hear your irrational poison”. I didn’t know what to say, how you argue with that without getting extremely angry, I don’t want to be angry, this is my birthday, I am not getting angry today!

So is this where it ends, after all my hard work? I don’t have a new album to launch on November 1st?

Bored Policemen.

This was also an early attempt at fusing rock with reggae and was inspired by the amount of time I spent walking back and forth across the town at night, mostly at weekends, coming back from parties in the early hours, smashed out of my head. Or occasionally,coming back from a gig. I was young and out late and therefore ‘up to no good’. It happened so many times, they’d asked a load of stupid questions (I once had to name the use for every key I had on my key ring.) and I would answer politely as my mum advised me, and then they’d let me go. In the end it was obvious that they had nothing to do and to relieve their boredom they would pull people aside not because they had any suspicion of wrong doing but we were fair game being out late.

So Bored Policemen it was then, not so much a Police and Thieves but a Police and suburban kids, not a big thing, but to us it was. If you were young and black and lived in a big city you were talking SUS and that was another ball game altogether. 

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