Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Newtown Neurotics first gigs in Ireland

It's been a very long time but...the Newtown Neurotics will finally be playing in Ireland. Something we have always wanted to do but never got around to it.
I remember when our first two singles "Hypocrite" and "When The Oil Runs Out" came out, legendary Irish DJ Dave Fanning would play them (don't know how we found out he was) and I would lay in bed at night in my flat listening to his show on the radio (just like I did in the Sixties when I was a kid) and it would fade in and out like Radio Luxembourg used to. I used to imagine the radio waves being blown back and forth over the Irish sea but finally after a heroic struggle it would make it to 161 Spencers Croft. I hear that Dave Fanning is still DJing which is brilliant.

Voodoo Club in Belfast on Friday 22nd May 

Fibber Magee in Dublin on Saturday 23th May

If you live in Ireland, please try and make it to one of the shows and witness our first visit.

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