Saturday, 28 March 2015

Newtown Neurotics Live! On Tour, well almost.

Well, a strange thing has happened, we have added three more dates to our small list of appearances this year but these are remarkable for us because they are one after another which constitutes to what is know in the trade as a tour, albeit a very small one.
We don't have an agency booking our dates and we don't look for work, we only appear when we are approached and when the right combinations of things come together to encourage us to commit to.
So that makes a tour an unlikely thing but there you go it's happening and I am really looking forward to it. One of the reasons being, with original drummer Simon Lomond back it the band, it will give us a chance to relive being on the road together like old times. We had some fantastic times touring in the past and I am just so glad we are able to do it again for a short while. We are actually doing a two date tour of Ireland in May but this new batch of dates is one more than the Irish stint.

Anyway, below is a list of dates both Newtown Neurotics and Steve Drewett will be doing this year.
If you can make one of them, we'd love to see you there.


Next up is a pre-election blast on Friday 10th April, a Kick Out The Tories evening to encourage everyone to stand against a party that is turning the population into slaves for the rich elite. It's at the Pipeline in London, the venue is near Liverpool Street follow this link for more details


A couple of dates for the Neurotics in Ireland. Friday the 22nd May in Voodoo Club in Belfast
and Sat 23rd May in Fibber Magees in Dublin!


A rare string of three dates...
the first on the Thursday 11th June at the Fox and Newt in Leeds,
the second is on Friday 12th June at Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbourgh
and the third is Saturday 13th June at the Hairy Dog in Derby


Newtown Neurotics are also playing the 2015 Rebellion Festival Blackpool Winter Gardens!


Friday September 25th will see the Newtown Neurotics appearing at the Boarderline London to support Attila The Stockbrokers book launch night.

Steve Drewett Live.


On 8th August Steve will be playing a solo acoustic set at Rebellion Festival Blackpool Winter Gardens, as well as the Neurotics one.


Steve will be doing a solo acoustic set at Attila the Stockbrokers Harlow Square book launch on Tues 8th Sept, more details when we have them.


Talking of Rebellion, later in the year he will also be doing a solo acoustic appearence at the Riverside Rebellion on Saturday December 5th at the Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough
Tickets can be bought from here...

As always, all this and more can be found at

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