Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Let's Kick Out The Tories! Neurotics gig, 10th April at the Pipeline London

         It's time this evil Tory cult were removed from power, they didn't even win the election last time, this time they must be completely removed. To get the ball rolling we are holding a 'Kick Out The Tories' event at the Pipeline in London on Friday April 10th, more information can be found on the Facebook page for this event which can be found here...

Come and join us as we let forth the rage that we feel for the Tories and their friends, the rich elite, that they are reshaping this country for. They are trying to turn the working class and the un(der)employed into neutered slaves and what we need right now is anger and votes in the ballot box to kick them out of power and then we need to do more, so much more to redress the rape of the security that our society provides for us through the NHS and the Welfare State.

Hope to see you down there. "Lets Kick Out The Tories!"

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