Monday, 11 May 2015

Colin Dredd in Intensive Care but recovering

Just to let you know that Colin Dredd, original bass player with the Newtown Neurotics is in Intensive Care at the moment. Without invading his privacy I can tell you that he has been very ill recently and the condition led finally to major surgery. In these last 48 hours we have been worried that he might not recover. However the good news is that he appears to be pulling through and is on the road to recovery.
From people I know who have been in the unenviable position of having to be treated in the ICU, cards and letters of encouragement play a very important role in helping the patient to recover. It is not surprising, as it is the power of love (to coin an old rock ballad) and knowing that people care, that makes all the difference.
Now Colin is 'Old Skool', he has no internet connection, no computer, no smartphone and therefore no Facebook or email, so lovely messages left on these platforms are not going to do the trick for him. He needs something he can hold in his hand and read easily.
So I was wondering that if you have enjoyed what Colin brought to the Neurotics over the years and you could spare a moment, could you send him an old fashion card with one of those old stamp things, or drop him a line with some words of encouragement to the address below, I will then take them to him in his hospital bed. Because he is not online, he barely knows the pleasure he has brought people with his music as there is no easy channel for that appreciation to reach him. But of all the years he has been alive, this is the time he needs to hear it.
If you could do this, I would be so pleased.
Colin Dredd,
c/o No Wonder
154 Bishopsfield
Essex CM18 6UR
I will of-course keep you updated on his recovery here.
The great photo attached is courtesy of ©Tony Mottram

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