Saturday, 16 May 2015

Colin as I found him yesterday

This is what happened when I visited Colin yesterday, I will be visiting him again this Sunday.
Hi all, I visited Colin in the ICU today and I'm afraid that I lasted around 30 seconds. He had an oxygen mask on and was breathing with great difficulty, I was alarmed by how distressed he was and felt that my presence would only distress him further. He lifted his arm and shook my hand. I asked how he was (at a loss what to say to him) and he gave me a thumbs down. I then told him about all the cards I had for him and placed them on the table near him. Thinking I wasn't helping being there I told him I would come back another day when he was feeling a bit better, he smiled and he shook my hand again.
The nurses wouldn't tell how he was doing in more detail as I wasn't family, they said he was stable at the moment which I take as "hanging on in there "
I couldn't stand seeing him is such pain
I left in tears.
He is going to be in hospital for some time, I think he is going to be a long time healing, If you haven't sent him a card because life is so busy and you forgot, it's not too late but the sooner the better.
Just in case.
Colin Dredd,
c/o No Wonder
154 Bishopsfield
Essex CM18 6UR

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