Friday, 19 September 2014

Cruel to be kind in the right measure

It’s funny to recall that way back in 1979 I created the ‘No Wonder’ record label to release the Newtown Neurotics first single ‘Hypocrite’. In those days the major labels were completely clueless and pretty much relied on Independent labels to indicate to them who they should be signing.
Creating an Independent label was a great thing, as you had complete artistic control, it stretched your capabilities and showed you what you were capable of given the tools available at the time. Getting the means of production is a very empowering thing but the one flaw in it all was distribution. You could have a great looking single or album, the music could be fantastic and you could be getting considerable airplay but the limited shelf space in records shops meant that, at this level, the majors squeezed you out. The life blood to independents then was independent record shops that would stock your product rather than major label releases.

35 years later I am creating another independent (Cruel Binary), to release another set of songs I have written and recorded but some things are the same and some not.
The major labels are still clueless, spending little money on nurturing new talent and are propagating a sterile music scene whose sum total of its ambitions seems to be to promote X factor style corporate pop. Crucified by the internet and downloads it still hasn’t recovered its former glories.
The problems the internet has brought to the music industry paradoxically is liberating for people wishing to sell their music independently because you can now do everything yourself plus the distribution is phenomenal, you don’t have to rely on shelf space entirely now, you can sell via mail order or by download and there are other revenue streams now to via streaming and income from YouTube exposure.
The market is global and it is at your fingertips.
Ok, the royalties for downloads, streaming etc. are not huge, but the potential is.

The best thing about creating your own Independent label is that you can do it all yourself.

The worst thing about creating your own Independent label is that you have to do it all yourself.

I've got to get on,

speak later…

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